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Predatory insect - Phytoseiulus<br>Attacking a spidermitePredatory insect - Macrolophus<br>For controlling most pestsPredatory insect - Encarsia<br>For controlling whitefly
Predatory Insect - Diglyphus<br>For controlling leafminer

Crop Management


Biological Control


An environment ideal for growing tomatoes also provides an ideal environment for the tomato’s pests. In the past pesticides were used to control the unwanted pests but for years predatory insects have been introduced into the glasshouses that prey on these pests such as whitefly and red spidermite. The pests that can be controlled using beneficial insects include; whitefly, red spider and leafminer. Where there is a particular ‘hot spot’ of pests sprays such as ‘soapy water’ may be used which can stick the wings together of the whitefly or block the breathing holes of the red spider.

Thus, although nature has given us the problem of pests, it has also provided us with natural solutions.The staff are very experienced and skilled in spotting problems early and this gives us the best possible chance of controlling them.