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Our Environment


Environment & Water


Rain water is collected from the glasshouses and stored in a 14000m3 reservoir. This water is then used to irrigate the crops. Reed beds have been added to the reservoir to encourage wildlife such as swans and ducks who nest on the reed beds. In addition to the reservoir itself, it is planned to create a small wetland area to further encourage wildlife such as frogs, toads and newts etc. As part of this ongoing work a quarterly report is produced which details the wildlife and floral activity on site and looks to identify ways in which the habitat can be improved. Driven by Michael Le Masurier, these reports form a crucial part of our broader environmental strategy.


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Sterilizing and Reusing Irrigation


In the newest glasshouses a system of collecting any runoff from watering the crop has been introduced. This is then sterilized using heat and reused. This combined with the roof water collection has allowed Eric Wall Ltd to more than halve its borehole extraction per m2 of growing area.